Your email campaign and website want to be friends!

Oct 1, 2017

In this instalment of our newsletter, we’ll be discussing ways that allow your website and email marketing to work closer together in a perfect utopia of symbiosis. Not what you’re looking for? What we meant to say was: “If you integrate the two you’ll get more clicks, more visitors, more subscribers and make more money!”. See, now that makes more sense.

Your email campaign and website want to be friends!

Your email campaign sent your website a friend request. Will you accept? If you do, we have a few tips to make the relationship work.

What your email campaign can do:

Start the conversation, don’t dominate it.
You don’t have to say everything there is to say about you in one go, right? Your email gives you the opportunity to only give a glimpse of what’s to come. Build some interest and mystery with a “read more”, “click here”, “find out more”, “view our specials” or a “like us on facebook” link. In that way, your email remains short, concise and to the point while still being informative enough to pique the reader’s interest.

Show that there’s even more to you!
We know that an email isn’t a website. This isn’t a shortcoming at all though. You have the opportunity to keep things simple while still hinting at a world of possibilities. When you built your website you mulled over every page and scrutinised every character. Now integrate a simplified version of your website’s navigation structure into your email! Put it right at the top, style it like a menu, and before you know it people will notice that that you’re offering a product or service that they hadn’t even considered before!

Make your intentions clear.
Don’t send mixed signals. Nobody likes that. If you want people to click on a link, make it obvious. If you want readers to know about your new product or service, don’t hide it half-way through the same old information they saw during the last campaign. Pick a topic, stick to it. Point your readers to your website if they want more information, watch a video, download a brochure or buy a product.

What your website can do:

Be presentable!
Your website often makes up a large part of the impression people have of you. A flimsy website, put together with minimal attention to detail can cause people to assume that this is the treatment they’ll get when they work with you directly. Make sure that once your email campaign refers someone to your website, that it’s actually a place they want to be! The most beautiful and well thought-out email campaign can be ruined if people end up in a digital wasteland when they follow the email’s directions.

Return the favour.
It’s only good manners after all. Your email campaign told people about your website, now it’s time to reciprocate. Make sure there is an obvious and easy way for your website visitors to sign up for email and newsletter updates. We covered some possibilities in our previous newsletter, so you’re welcome to have a look at them. Before you know it, your website will grow your subscriber base, and your emails will bring in website visitors. A match made in heaven!

Two become one…
Now that your website is in the right frame of mind, and your email campaign is polished to perfection, why not insert your latest emails into your website? You’ve spent all this time building the relationship and your brand after all. Now the two can live happily ever after, together.