Why should you choose bulk email services for your business’ newsletters?

There are a number of businesses out there – both large and small – that still send out regular newsletters to their existing and prospective clients. It’s no longer effective enough to simply make use of Outlook for these purposes as client bases are simply too broad to be reached effectively by basic or non-specialised programmes. In this piece we will take a closer look at why your business should be partnering with a specialist in bulk email services.

Receive comprehensive statistics

A bulk email service provider will be able to supply you and your business with comprehensive statistical information with regards to your emails. These stats can be used to further fine-tune your marketing approach. At the end of the day this information will allow you to better connect with your client base, which will inevitably open up the door to new leads and sales.

Beautiful designs

At OUTBOXED our team of expert designers will work on every aspect of your newsletter for optimal results. These interactive emails are not only visually appealing, but will link back to your business’ website via appropriate hyperlinks – this seamlessly connects parts of the newsletter to contextually relevant pages on your actual website.

Have every part of your campaign monitored by professional account managers

Having an industry professional work with a team of talented designers as well as the client is the best way to put out effective newsletters. Account managers work incredibly hard to ensure that your business’ email or newsletter is absolutely perfect before being sent off.

Bypass spam filters

Simply sending bulk emails from your Gmail, Yahoo or even your Outlook account can have dire consequences for your campaign. The last thing you want is for your newsletter to end up in potential clients’ spam boxes. A reputable bulk email service provider will avoid such situations by virtue of their high standing in the online marketing community.

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