Why Choose Email Marketing?

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In a world of increasingly expensive marketing campaigns, many businesses and organisations are looking at more cost-effective solutions to marketing. In this piece we will explore all of the benefits associated with email marketing and how it can be used to drive lead generation and ultimately increase your turnover.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing essentially refers to bulk emails sent out by a company to existing or potential clients. These emails are usually advertisements, newsletters or announcements – and when professionally prepared, will also be visually appealing digital pieces designed to catch the reader’s eye.

There are a number of techniques that can be used when strategising one’s email marketing approach. One great example is putting your mailing list into categories based on target groups or relevant market segments. These categories can include spending habits, the type of products purchased by the client as well as what you think they may be looking for from your company. This more personal touch helps to build rapport between you and you current client base, hopefully facilitating future business. This is achieved through tailored email marketing that considers your marketing goals and the needs of the target group.

Benefits of email marketing

The biggest benefit that businesses and organisations see with email marketing is the cost-effectiveness. This is apart from the ease-of-use and the fact that emails are still one of the most common forms of communication, used by almost anyone who owns or utilises a digital or mobile device. Other marketing campaigns often come with exorbitant price tags that require you to pay for television, radio, newspaper and magazine space or indeed the high printing costs associated with more traditional marketing techniques.

Email marketing allows you to build lasting relationships with your current client base. Many businesses tend to target new clientele only instead of also nurturing the relationships they share with their current customer base. Email marketing offers an all-round approach and is a fantastic way to inform your current and previous clients of new promotions, products or services on sale.

Reaching potential clients effectively is also seamless with email marketing. By creating an introductory message or advertisement, your business has the potential to comb through a completely untapped market. Contact us here at OUTBOXED to find out how your business or organisation can benefit from our fantastic range of services. These include email marketing, SMS marketing as well as website design.

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