The Importance of Sending us your Final Draft

Nov 15, 2014

One thing is a given: You’re very busy. Then you get an email from us reminding you that it might be time to send out another email campaign… Brilliant idea! Now comes the important bit…

Every minute you spend on fine tuning your text, evaluating your photos, and scrutinising your material, might result in better responses from your campaign. However when you send us that content, please make sure that it is your final, proofed and approved version, as very time you chop and change after we’ve done the design, could result in unforeseen time delays and costs.

It is also very important that you know that your assigned designer puts a lot of time and thought into the layout and design of your email. When you change text, especially when this results in more or less text, it could result in an imbalance in the design, or in the design losing its effectiveness (yes, that’s a word, we looked it up).