Nothing to say in your newsletter? We beg to differ.

Apr 1, 2017

You received an email or phone call from your OUTBOXED Client Administrator reminding you that it’s just about time for you to send out your next newsletter. Last month you had record sales thanks to your Holiday special we designed and sent out for you, so you’ve been too busy to think of new content for your newsletter. You’re stumped. You can’t think of anything new to say!

Here is a not-too-extensive* list of topics you might want to consider so you don’t lose that all-important marketing momentum:


  • Did something change in your company?
  • Important company dates, milestones, anniversaries.
  • Recent rewards, testimonials, articles.
  • Did you hire someone new that you’d like to introduce?
  • A backstage pass to the company.
  • Your company’s story/history.

General content:

  • A famous quote applicable to your company.
  • Statistics or other data made to look good!
  • Photos by customers.

Help & Support:

  • Address some recurring questions from customers (FAQ).
  • How about a how-to video?


  • Deals, discounts, specials and promotions.
  • A top 10 list of your most popular products
  • A useful tip.
  • Changes in packaging or distribution.
  • A flash sale of outgoing stock.
  • A gift guide

Interactive and Social:

  • A survey or poll. Maybe ask your clients what they’d like to see in your emails!
  • Build a campaign around people following you on facebook, twitter, or other social media.
  • Are you looking for reviews on google maps, tripadvisor or your facebook page?
  • A new blog post on your website people can comment on.
  • A competition to grow your database.
  • Downloadable content, guides, manuals.
  • Birthday wishes, thank you emails.

*Yes, we had to remove a few. You’re busy after all, but contact your Client Administrator if you need an extensive list 🙂