Helping you help us help you

Feb 1, 2015

We want to give you our best product, at the best price possible.

We’ve done our research, so we’re quite confident that we’re providing those two points. Most of the well-known pay-per-credit bulk email service providers (we’re not American, we won’t name names) will ask you up to 5 times our fee and offer turnaround times that will have you see your first grandchild before you see a first draft.

We’ve already touched on the importance of sending us your final draft, and why we require a 48 hour lead time. In a perfect world, you would send us your final, proofed requirement, text and images, and we’ll get it spot on with our first design draft. Although that happens more often than you might think, it also frequently happens that minor edits and changes need to be made in order to make the design just right: a layout adjustment here, a spelling change there.

To stay competitive, your fee allocates up to 2 hours labour to your design. This includes the first draft up till final completion and send of your email. We think you’d agree that right up to v.3 of a design, you should be covered: V.1 for the first draft, v.2 for any edits/changes, and if needed, v.3 for very minor edits that might have slipped through.

As such, any version after V.2 (2nd draft) for design changes and V.3 (3rd draft) for those minor text edits will be billed at an additional hourly rate.