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When it comes to marketing a business, small entrepreneurs are often left with the biggest challenges. Without having the marketing expertise or the budgets of much larger companies, the small business owner can often be found falling short of his marketing objectives. This is where email marketing services can help your small business grow. In this piece we will take a look at the benefits of this excellent service for small business owners throughout South Africa.

Why Email marketing?

Email marketing services allow you, as the business owner to reach large portions of your target market without having to break the bank. The term essentially refers to bulk emails which are sent out by a service provider – such as OUTBOXED – to both existing and potential clients. These mails can be in the form of customised online newsletters, flyers or pamphlets, essentially. They are specifically designed to be an interactive link back to your products and services page or your contact page. The greater reach simply means more leads and sales.

Why should small business owners consider email marketing services?

So why else should you, as a small business owner, invest in email marketing services? Well it’s simple. No other form of marketing allows you to reach such a large target market for such a small price. What’s more, you can include absolutely any content you want in these emails. So not only are you reaching your target market, you’re informing them precisely of the services and products that they need. At the same time this is the perfect platform for announcements to promote events such as expos and so forth.

It saves you time

The nature of email marketing services is such that you can send out mails at pretty much any time of the day. This is perfect for the small business owner who often has very little time on his hands during the day. These mails can be sent out in the evening for your target audience to receive the next morning. Email marketing is effective, cheap and non-invasive.

Here at OUTBOXED, we pride ourselves on providing superb email marketing services for just about any business in the South African landscape. Contact us today to find out how you can benefit from our excellent range of services and products.

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