A client in the hand is worth two in the bush!

Sep 1, 2016

In our previous newsletter we spoke about how to increase your email subscriber database, and how not to. Now that you’ve meticulously gathered your client information, it is better to ensure that your email recipients prefer not to unsubscribe from your database.

Here are some simple tips to keep your subscribers excited about your services, brands and/or products!

Respect the relationship
Your type of business will determine the frequency of the emails you send. If your clients are expecting monthly newsletter, don’t email them every few days, and if they wanted weekly specials, don’t go months without letting them know about your latest deals. Most unsubscribes are a result of receiving emails too often or not often enough and therefore losing interest in what you have to offer.

Analyse your reports
If you stay on top of the reports we send you, you might notice some campaigns getting more clicks than usual, or heaven forbid, some campaigns might get an unusual amount of unsubscribes. See what works best, apply those lessons… the experience might give you insight on how to improve other aspect of your business as well!

Keep your subject lines interesting
Keep it short and sweet, and don’t mislead recipients with a subject line that promises something the content of the mailer can’t deliver.

Stay “You”
You spent a lot of time and effort building your brand. Make sure that your subscribers will instantly recognise your mail when it lands in their inbox.

Keep things clean and simple
You know the first bit of content in an email is what grabs your attention. Make sure that’s the section you pay attention to when conceptualising your next campaign. You don’t have to include ALL the content in the mailer. State the most important aspects of the offering, and include a “read more” that links to your website. Directing traffic to your website is a VERY good thing.

Get feedback
A survey, asking your clients what they’d like to see more of, or less of, might do wonders to optimise your future campaigns for maximum efficacy. Incentivise the survey by offering a prize to one lucky reader.

Stay relevant
Some information is important enough to repeat in more than one email. But be sure not to just recycle most of your content. You know what’s new when only 25% of the content has been updated, but your subscriber might think they’re just receiving the same email time and time again. Another major reason for unsubscribes is repetitive/boring content. Rather include JUST the new 25% in the mailer, or at least put the most relevant information right at the top.