A call to action!

Sep 1, 2015

No, we’re not trying to incite a revolution, but maybe it’s time to look at your email designs a bit differently. You have your database of email addresses ranging from brand-loyal clients to once-off visitors. Your email can do so much more than just remind these people you’re still in business.

By adding a call to action: “Click here to visit our website”, “Book now!”, “Read more”, “Like us on facebook”, “Get a quote!”, “See more specials now!”, “Enter our competition here”, “Contact us today”…you can make a huge difference to your campaigns.

Ok, you get the idea. The point is; your email can engage people to do more than just look at it. It can drive website traffic, lead to more sales, link to additional information and entice your email recipients to interact with you, your brand, your company and take better notice of your products or service.

Next time you design your email, put a call to action on your design. Place it right at the top so it’s one of the first things the reader sees, then look at the report and let us know if the ‘new’ approach resulted in a better reaction than your previous emails.