3 Ways to grow your email subscriber database

Jun 1, 2016

There were 998 798 registered births in South Africa in 1996(Source). We have to assume that most of them will be turning 20 this year, and that many of those young adults now have email addresses. Surely there are legitimate ways to add some of those email addresses to your database, and maybe gain many a loyal client/customer/supporter in the process. We have a few ideas how you could do that:

Website Subscription Form

Capture email addresses directly to your database by having a sign-up form on your website. Make it prominent enough so people will notice it, and maybe offer some kind of incentive for signing up.

You’re welcome to contact us for the code to add such a form to your website! By the way, we design websites too!

Refer-a-friend Competitions

Offer one of your products or services as a prize in a competition where people enter by referring a number of friends. We can help you run this competition by creating the competition on our system – entries are captured directly to your database! Advertise the competition via email, your website, social pages and print media!

Print Surveys

A simple A5 print out where people can give feedback on your products and services goes a long way! You’ll get valuable feedback from your walk-ins, and make sure they don’t forget about you by sending them your latest specials and news by email. You could even put an incentive like “10% discount on your purchase on completion and presentation of this feedback form”.

Contact us today if you’d like to find out more about how we can help you grow your database via the methods above.

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