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STANDARD EMAIL OPTION: Manage, design and send my emails.
PREMIUM EMAIL OPTION: Manage, consult, design and send my emails in record time!
EMAIL SURVEYS: I want to find out my target market's opinion on certain subjects.
COMPETITIONS: I want to run a competition to grow my database.
BIRTHDAY WISHES: I want to send automated birthday wishes.
E-VOUCHER: I want to send out vouchers to specific recipients.
WEBSITE DESIGN: I want a brand new website.
GOOGLE ADWORDS CAMPAIGN: I want to run a Google PAY-PER-CLICK advertising campaign.
LOGO DESIGN: I want a logo and/or company identity.
DOMAIN: I need a website domain (address) registered.
WEBSITE HOSTING: My website needs to be hosted by OUTBOXED.
Facebook PRESENCE: I need a facebook page created for my company, product or brand.