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bulk Email Marketing

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Bulk email marketing is an invaluable tool for keeping in touch with your clients. Our email marketing services will ensure you're always in reach of your target market. You have the option of using our email marketing system yourself, or take advantage of our fully managed email marketing solution:
Solo Email Marketing
Use our email marketing system to:
Manage your own database
Design your own emails
Upload/Create your own designs
Schedule & send your own emails
Database billed separately
T's & C's apply
Pull reports of all email sends yourself
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Managed Email Marketing 1
We take care of all of this for you:
We manage your database for you
We design 1 beautiful email for you per month,
including 2 sets of changes
We upload your emails for you
We schedule & send your marketing campaign for you
at a time you specify
Database billed separately
T's & C's apply
We send you a full report of your campaign after each send
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bulk email marketing system

Some of today’s most successful companies fail to realize that they have an extremely powerful email marketing medium at their disposal: their existing client email base.

Send personalized, targeted email marketing messages for a fraction of the cost of more traditional marketing methods, with much higher response rates.

Even successful businesses require massive marketing budgets to sustain their viability and long-term growth. Extensive research has shown that the simple gesture of wishing a client well on their birthday via email has had astounding results.


Our Email Marketing Designs

Some email designs* done for our managed clients:
Our email marketing system has added value to these companies,
brands and personalities:
IMPORTANT: We do not support the practice of sending unsolicited emails (spam)! CLICK HERE for more info.

Email Marketing key features:

  • Our online email marketing system is user friendly.

  • Support for future dated message sending.

  • Support for: Plain Text Email, HTML Email, SMS.

  • Detailed reporting on all email messages following delivery.

  • Advanced scheduler allows for selection and sending to users meeting specific criteria.

  • User customisable data fields, allowing for storage of additional information e.g. Birthdates, etc.

  • Unsubscribe module ensures an unsubscribe facility is attached to all outgoing messages.

  • Online HTML editor makes message editing easy.

  • Facility to upload existing HTML messages & images.

  • Facility to attach any file of your choice to outgoing email messages.

  • Facility to upload new data and databases.

  • User module provides support for multiple users with various access levels.

  • Optional SMS reply service forwards replies directly to your Inbox.

  • Group-Based data organisation allows for segmentation of database according to your own criteria.

  • Bounce handler on email handles all returned messages, automatically updating clients status on receipt and forwarding only useful messages to you.

  • Complete mail-merge facility allows for insertion of data into any outgoing messages.

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